Parking Hooligan 2 Game

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Parking Hooligan 2
    Launch your car by using your mouse to aim it and control the amount of force. Cause as much destruction as you can before you run out of launches.

Nobody needs their property around when you’re stopping! In Stopping Evildoer 2, fail spectacularly is an objective. In every level, autos, plants, dumpsters and different items are put around the screen — some at ground level and some on stages. To cause however much demolition as could reasonably be expected, dispatch your blue auto up into the air at simply the right plot and with the perfect measure of power so it will arrive straightforwardly on items. Imprint them, pulverize them and watch them blast. The more things you demolish, the more you are fined by the neighborhood powers. To beat every level, wrack up a base measure of fines. Gain stars by going over the ba

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