Parking in Style Game

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Parking in Style
    Use the arrow keys or WASD to drive and the space bar to brake. Park your car in the indicated space before time runs out and try to avoid collisions.

At the point when testing and enhancing your stopping abilities, there’s no motivation to be stuck in the driver’s seat of a corroded, old junker. Why not voyage around the parking garage in a polished games auto? In every level, your objective is to drive to the parking spot checked with a bolt and park your auto inside the lines. On your way, movement, stopped autos, walkers and different impediments will be in your direction. On the off chance that you cause an excessive amount of harm to your auto or run over any individuals, you lose the level. Demonstrate your stopping aptitudes and open the following level by getting stopped before time runs out. To get a high score, finish the level quick and without scratching your auto.

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