Parking Lot 2 Game

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Parking Lot 2
    Left/Right arrows keys are to steer. UP key to accelerate and DOWN key to decelerate/stop/reverse.

You may think about your auto as an apparatus, a toy or your infant, however regardless of what you call it, you need to know how to stop it. Work on stopping a smooth, new auto in diverse circumstances in Parking garage 2. In every level you need to stop your auto in the showed parking spot. You may need to drive down a few boulevards to get there;just take after the shafts out and about. Watch out for obstructions and activity. Get your auto stopped inside the assigned range before time runs out and without smashing too often to proceed onward to the following level. On the off chance that you beat the amusement and need to keep playing, or in the event that you’ve recently got the innovative tingle, outline your own levels, complete with autos, streets, signs and obstructions, and play them.

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