Parking Lot 3 Game

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Parking Lot 3
    Left/Right arrows keys are to steer. UP key to accelerate and DOWN key to decelerate/stop/reverse. SPACEBAR for handbrake.

Jump in the driver’s seat and put that infant in “park.” In Parking garage 3 you don’t need to stress over the conditions out and about in light of the fact that you spend every level in a parking area, with the objective of stopping your auto. You will see that one space is highlighted, demonstrating your destination. You need to demonstrate how talented you are by getting your auto stopped as quick as possible, yet you’ll experience different perils which will back you off. You may need to drive around potholes, through mist or over ice, and you need to move around snags like dividers and different autos. Every time you crash your auto gets more harmed until it is totaled. On the off chance that you add up to three autos, you lose the amusement. Beat a level quick and with no harm for the bes

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