Parking Lot Master Game

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Parking Lot Master
    WASD keys are to move the person and the arrow keys are to move to car. Press ENTER to get in the car.

You are the valet specialist at a business, accountable for the parking garage and clients’ autos. At the point when a client pulls up to the front doorway, he’ll let you know the quantity of the parking spot they need you to stop his auto in. Get in his auto and drive it to the part, pulling into the alloted space. At that point go get the auto from the following individual. As you’re stopping one auto, watch the autos pulling up. A client may let you know which space to stop in, and on the off chance that you miss it, you’ll have some major difficulty staying informed regarding autos. Be cautious with the clients’ autos. When you crash you lose $5, however you pick up $10 when you give back an auto to its manager. Attempt to wind up with however much cash as could reasonably be expected.

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