Parking Packers Game

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Parking Packers
    The mouse is used to play this game and it is all CLICK and DRAG

As valet orderly at the Place of Mouse, you are responsible for the vehicles of stars like Hercules, Cruella de Vil and Mulan. As every client pulls up to the drop-off territory, get into their auto and park it in any space with a coordinating shading. Take their key to the station at the inside of the parcel and hang it on the glimmering snare, and help the following client. When somebody is prepared to get his auto, the auto will streak. Go to the key station and snatch the blazing key. Get in the auto and drive it to the way out on the opposite side of the parking area. To pass a level, you have to help a specific number of clients before time is up. Keep the Disney stars cheerful and beat the diversion.

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