Police Car Parking 3 Game

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Police Car Parking 3
    Use the arrow keys to drive your car. Follow the arrows to each parking space and park within the lines. Complete the level as fast as you can without wrecking your car.

You’re a cop and getting to the scene of a wrongdoing quick is to a great degree critical. At that point you need to discover some spot to stop so you can escape from your auto and carry out your employment. Tragically, turning on your lights and siren doesn’t clear parking spots. In every level of Squad car Stopping 3, park in a progression of demonstrated parking spot. Take after the bolts to the first space, and after you’ve stopped, you’ll be coordinated to the following one. After you’ve stopped in all the spaces, drive to the completion line. Since your auto is paid for by duty dollars, do whatever it takes not to wreck it. As you beat levels, procure the benefit of driving a cooler auto.

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