Port Valet Game

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Port Valet
    Use the arrow keys or WASD to drive or walk and Q to run. Press the space bar to get in and out of boats. Park and return customers' boats and try not to crash them.

Following a day out on the vast water in their pace vessels, a few boaters need to come into shore for a break, yet they would prefer not to manage docking their pontoons. Your employment in Port Valet is to be the valet specialist on the dock. As individuals drive up to the dock in their vessels, they’ll let you know the quantity of the sound for their watercrafts. Drive deliberately as you stop each client’s pontoon in the managed space. Every time you crash, you lose cash. At the point when a client returns to get his pontoon, he’ll provide for you the straight number once more. Draw each client’s pontoon up before him quick to get a major tip.

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