Powerboat Parking Game

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Powerboat Parking
    Use the arrow keys on the keyboard to drive the boat. Park the boat in the designated yellow area. Spacebar will quickly stop you, and M will mute the sound.

Wakeboarders be careful! This marina is not alright for fast games with insignificant security. Simply getting your watercraft to the dock obliges some dubious guiding. Truth be told, that is simply what you need to do in Powerboat Stopping. You begin in a marina so loaded with obstacles, for example, shakes, floats and toys its turned into a hindrance course for anybody attempting to spend a day on the water, and you have to explore your powerboat to the assigned parking space by the dock. Be cautious! On the off chance that you crash too often you’ll head again to the start of the level. When you’ve completed level 15 you’ll have demonstrated yourself a talented powerboater.

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