Precision Parking Game

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Precision Parking
    Use the arrow keys to drive your car through the parking lot. Park in all four indicated spaces without crashing too many times.

Just a gifted driver can keep an auto looking great as new, and in the parking garages of Exactness Stopping, just the best will succeed. In every level, you need to stop your auto four times before you can proceed onward. Begin by taking after the bolts on the ground to the initially demonstrated parking spot. Be watchful as you press through tight spaces. Every time you collide with obstructions, for example, shopping trucks, hedges and inadequately stopped autos, you lose life focuses. When you achieve the parking spot, pull your auto in and stop correctly inside the lines. At that point take after the shafts to the following space. Beat the level by stopping in every one of the four spaces without slamming excessively.

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