Pro Parking Game

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Pro Parking
    Use the arrow keys to drive the car and SPACEBAR to brake.

You’re in the enormous city, and the avenues are stuffed, however you have to get to your destination and park. Bolts in the city will demonstrate to you which approach to go, and your parking space will be checked with a white rectangle. You begin the level with ten minutes 60 wellbeing focuses, and you’ll require them in light of the fact that you’re hauling out of and into tight spaces. You may begin the level confronting the wrong path, stopped into a spot or both, and the space you’ll need to press into will be no better. On the off chance that you use up time or wellbeing focuses, you need to do the level over. In the event that you win in time without an excess of accidents, you proceed onward to the following level and get scored in light of the amount of time and wellbeing you have cleared out.

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