Railroad Crane Parking Game

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Railroad Crane Parking
    Use the arrow keys to drive and the space bar to brake. Move the crane arm with Q and E, pick things up with T and drop things with Y. Get the piece of track to the railroad before time runs out and t

In the event that you need to hold the trains moving down the tracks, get ready to do some overwhelming lifting. Obviously, the crane will do the vast majority of the work. You should simply drive. In every level, begin by driving your crane close to a bit of railroad track. Position your crane arm over the track piece and lift it up. At that point roll over to the railroad tracks and drop the bit of track into spot. Next, click your space bar at simply the opportune time to adjust the new piece to whatever remains of the track. In the event that you can deal with it, the train will take off on its trip and you can head to the following level.

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