Record Speed Parking Game

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Record Speed Parking
    Use the arrow keys to steer the cars. Race against the clock to park all the cars in their designated space before time runs out.

There are 60 seconds on the clock, and 10 autos are lined up prepared for you to take the wheel. Could you get all of them stopped before time runs out? As the clock ticks down, you pick up control of one auto at once, and one parking spot will flicker to demonstrate to you where to take it. These autos are fast, which appears perfect when you’re dashing with time as the opponent, yet you additionally need to keep up control over the vehicles. Every time you crash you lose an existence. The amusement is over in the event that you lose every one of the three lives. Get every one of the 10 autos stopped in record time to demonstrate you can deal with rapid in little spaces.

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