Red Cabrio Parking Game

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Red Cabrio Parking
    Use the arrow keys to drive your car.

You are driving a sparkly, new red Cabrio through a dingy piece of town with industrial facilities, kicking the bucket vegetation and individuals who feel free to collide with you in the event that you happen to be driving down the same road as them. Fortunately, you don’t have too far to go before you can stop your convertible. Take after the shafts making a course for spot your parking space, showed by a yellow rectangle, and attempt to draw conveniently into the spot. Once you’re stopped well inside the lines you may have another spot to drive to and stop in. On the off chance that you collide with autos or different impediments along the way you will lose life focuses, and on the off chance that you harm your auto excessively, you lose the level. Toward the end of every level check your time to perceive how you did.

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