Riddle Parking Game

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Riddle Parking
    Use the ARROW keys to drive the car. LEFT CLICK on a yellow barrier to make it invisible (if you have clicks available). Press the M key to mute the sound.

Unravel these stopping enigmas on this parking area in the sky. Your objective is to get the auto to the demonstrated parking spot, however this will take more than simply cursor key aptitudes. You’ll need to utilize your head. In every level the parking area is situated up as a riddle. There are blockades situated up around the parcel, and in this amusement the blockades are there to help you. When you pick a course for your auto to drive, it goes the extent that it can in that bearing. You have no brakes, and you can’t stop wherever you need. On the off chance that there is no blockade to stop you, you will zoom off the side of the parking area into space. Make sense of the right arrangement of moves to get your auto to the parking space.

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