Sports Car Parking Game

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Sports Car Parking
    Use the arrow keys to drive the car to the indicated parking space. Dodge traffic and obstacles to get parked without crashing.

A lot is on the line when you’re driving a gleaming, new games auto. You wouldn’t have any desire to put a scratch on an auto this decent. Sadly, activity, people on foot and stationary deterrents make even the most limited excursion amazingly troublesome. In Games Auto Stopping, your objective is basically to get your auto to the demonstrated parking spot and draw in. As you go there, movement is overwhelming, and drivers will crash directly into you in case you’re in their direction. The walkers aren’t any better. Every time you crash, you lose an existence and need to begin the level once again. In the event that you lose ten lives, you lose the diversion. To win, get your auto stopped without smashing.

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