Super Parking World Game

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Super Parking World
    Use the arrow keys to drive. Park your car in the indicated space without crashing. Press the space bar when you're happy with the accuracy of your parking.

Utilize your super stopping abilities to get a high score in every level of Super Stopping World by stopping your auto with 100% precision. In every level, commute through the parking area to get to the demonstrated parking spot. You’ll need to drive with exactness in light of the fact that the turns are tight and on the off chance that you crash once, you lose an existence and need to retry the level. On the off chance that you lose all your lives, the diversion is over. When you achieve the parking space, get your auto in the parking space and reposition it until you’re content with the exactness of the stopping. Stop impeccably for the best conceivable score, or settle for a lower rate and proceed onward to the following level.

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