Taxi Driving School Game

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Taxi Driving School
    Use the arrow keys to play the game

You have quite recently moved to New York City, and you need to turn into a cab driver. To start with you have to pass the exam to get your permit. In Taxi Driving School you begin by mastering 14 moves, for example, turning and stopping diverse routes, with your practice taxi. In the event that you crash while endeavoring a move, you know you have to practice that one once more. You can hone every expertise the same number of times as you have to feel sure when you take the test. At whatever point you’re prepared, you can take the exam. To breeze through the test you need to demonstrate your dominance of each of the 14 moves by finishing every one inside a period limit. New York is an occupied city, so your clients won’t need you driving at the pace of a snail. Keep in mind — careful discipline brings about promising results. Good fortun

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