Tractor Parking Game

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Tractor Parking
    Use the arrow keys on the keyboard to play the game

Down at the homestead you have to utilize your tractor to force the trailers to their legitimate spots. You begin every level with five minutes and you have to drive around to discover the demonstrated parking space. Back your tractor up into the spot so as to hitch it to a trailer, or park your trailer there in case you’re as of now hitched up to one. Your homestead is brimming with hindrances to stay away from, for example, brambles, fences and bunches of feed. Your dairy animals is allowed to wander the homestead. In the event that you collide with Bessie once, hit different deterrents too often or use up time, you need to restart the level. Get stopped in time without creating an excess of harm to see your score and open the following level.

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