Truck Stop Parking Game

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Truck Stop Parking
    Use the arrow keys to drive and park trucks in the yellow spaces. Park as many trucks as you can before time runs out.

Following 12 hours out and about, truckers merit a decent rest and quality administration. The second they force up to your truck stop, you take the wheel and let them unwind by giving enormous apparatus valet administration. In Truck Quit Stopping, pace is the way to achievement in light of the fact that the clock is ticking down. At the point when a truck pulls up, commute it over to the yellow parking spot and force in. Every time you effectively stop a truck, you win back a little time — and a few focuses. Perceive what number of trucks you can stop before your time runs out, and be mindful so as not to crash. On the off chance that you scratch one of these 18-wheelers, the diversion is ov

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