Turbo Taxi Game

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Turbo Taxi
    Use the arrow keys to drive the taxi to the passengers. Once you pick them up, deliver them to their destination marked on the map.

Help free the universe of zombies while getting nationals securely to their destinations. In Turbo Taxi you are a cabbie in a zombie-ridden town. Every day, spot travelers and destinations demonstrated as symbols on your guide. Explore to a traveler and draw up close, however be mindful so as not to run him over. At that point drive to the destination and stop in the showed spot to drop him off and gather your toll. At the point when one traveler is dropped off, an alternate shows up. Run over green zombies or spot the dollar signs demonstrated on your guide for more cash. Watch your fuel level. Go to the corner store and refill your tank to abstain from paying for a tow truck. At the point when time runs out, your work day is over. Win accomplishments as you expand miles, dollars, travelers conveyed and zombies murdered.

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