U-Turn Parking Game

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U-Turn Parking
    Use the arrows keys to move the cars and SPACE to brake.

Bounce into this quick games auto and back off. In U-Turn Stopping the streets are excessively thin and the turns are so tight it couldn’t be possible make a go at speeding along. In every level you need to drive through the course until you go to the parking spot. At that point you need to flip your auto around, put your auto in converse and go into the spot. Every level is more troublesome. When you’ve beaten going around the bends, you’ll need to stress over different autos out and about and having flawless timing to overcome entryways. In the event that you crash once you need to rehash the level. You have a period farthest point and the clock is ticking down. Your score runs down with the time, so don’t take excessively long in the event that you need to see a high score when you beat the diversion.

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