Valet Parking 2 Game

Play Valet Parking 2 Game Online For Free Below.

Valet Parking 2
    Use the arrow keys to go pick up and drive the cars. Spacebar to enter or leave the vehicle.

As the main valet chaperon at work today, you have a considerable measure to stay informed concerning. As an auto pulls up, the driver lets you know which space to stop in. Your occupation is then to get in the auto, drive it over to the right space and park it. While you’re doing this, different drivers will be pulling up and letting you know a parking spot number. Make a point to look for those numbers, or you’ll have some major snags recovering the autos to their holders later. Be mindful so as not to crash a customer’s auto or you’ll lose cash. Gain cash by returning autos to clients as they turn out to claim them.

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