Valet Parking 3 Game

Play Valet Parking 3 Game Online For Free Below.

Valet Parking 3
    Use the arrow keys to move, and space to enter the cars.

It’s not only one more day at work in Valet Stopping 3 in light of the fact that you work some place new in every level. At every area, utilize your stopping abilities as the organization’s sole valet specialist. At the point when a client pulls up to the part, he’ll let you know where to stop. When you’ve stopped his auto, surge once more to the following client. At the point when a client is prepared to go, he’ll meet you at the way out and let you know his parking spot number. Return his auto and get paid. You acquire cash when you give back a client’s auto, yet every time you crash you lose cash. A level is over when time runs out. What amount of would you be able to gain?

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