Valet Parking Pro Game

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Valet Parking Pro
    ARROW keys are to move the car, SPACEBAR to brake and to turn on the upper lights CRTL

As the valet specialist at a major club, you are accountable for a great deal of decent cars. As every auto is dropped off at the door of the gambling club, you are advised which numbered parking spot to stop the auto in. Explore through the parking garage, around different autos and into the space. It is night, so your headlights are on, and in the event that you have to, you can increase more perceivability by utilizing your brights. Keep in mind, this is not your auto you’re driving, so be mindful so as not to crash, however don’t go excessively moderate on the grounds that different clients are holding up. You begin the diversion with three lives, and on the off chance that you crash or use up time you lose one;lose each of the three and your valet permit is disavowed. Beat all the levels to demonstrate you’re a valet star.

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