Valet Parking Game

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Valet Parking
    Use the arrow keys to drive. Press the space bar to get in and out of cars. Park customers' cars and return them in perfect condition.

In case you’re a stopping ace, here’s your opportunity to get paid for your aptitudes. In Valet Stopping, go from part to parcel piling on cash in tips for stopping clients’ autos. Begin off in a little part. As clients arrive, they’ll let you know the parking spot number for their auto. Park their auto and help the following client. At the point when a client returns to recover their auto, they’ll let you know the parking spot number once more. Procure cash for every auto returned, however lose cash each time you crash. At the point when time runs out, perceive how you did. In the event that you made a decent showing, proceed onward to a greater parking area in the following level.

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